On Thursday March 29, the Australian Government announced a travel ban on all non-residents and non-citizens coming to Australia. The ban will take effect from 9pm on Friday March 20th. As a result, AIFS Au Pair in Australia will be suspending all applications until further notice. When the travel ban is lifted, we will recommence our program.

Terms & Conditions

Read the agreement carefully tick to confirm you agree:

As an Applicant to the AIFS Au Pair Program (hereafter referred to as 'the Program”) offered by the American Institute for Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd (hereafter referred to as “AIFS”), I hereby undertake and agree as follows:

a) I will comply with all visa and screening requirements. I will be responsible for maintaining a a valid passport and complying with all vaccinations and immunisation requirements. 

b) I will accept a placement with a host family whom I have interviewed with personally by telephone or skype. I will review all training materials and attend all sessions during the orientation program held at AIFS’ Sydney centre. 

d) I will abide by all appropriate regulations and instructions of the Australian Government and obey all applicable laws. 

e) I will apply for a National Police Clearance Certificate from my home country. I will only use the accredit agent, as referred by AIFS Au Pair. I understand and accept this will be an additional cost.

a) As a participant on the Program, I will provide childcare up to 40 hours per week and not more than 10 hours per day, for a period not exceeding 6 months unless I will be seeking a 1-6 month extension  under the terms of my visa. 

b) I will carry out my childcare and other responsibilities to the host family to the best of my ability and with due respect and will take full advantage of the cultural opportunities. 

c) At the end of my stay I will return to my home country on or before the expiry of my ‘duration of stay’ as determined by Australian immigration and will not attempt to return subsequently to Australia without a valid and current visa. 

d) I understand that the Program starts in Sydney . I am responsible for any costs following the completion of my Program including flights, accommodation and transfers. AIFS is not responsible for airline baggage costs or airport taxes. I understand that my host family is responsible for the cost of transport from Sydney to their home if it is booked and pre-arranged by the host family. The costs are limited to transportation from Sydney to the host family. 

e) I understand the support system provided by the Australian office and will maintain monthly contact with AIFS. I will co-operate fully with those supervising my program on my behalf for AIFS and I agree to abide by any reasonable instruction they may give. 

f) I will not accept any form of employment that interferes with my current contract with the host family. 

g) While living with my host family I will be responsible for all personal debts, such as telephone calls and internet costs. Personal liability, insurance, motor vehicle, house and contents. 

h) I declare that all the information I have given is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge, specifically regarding any previous childcare experience. 

i) I declare that I have never been charged with a criminal offence.

j) I understand that my application and its contents can not be returned to me at any time. 

k) I understand that in the event of an insurance claim, the Host Family will be responsible for paying any excess relating to that claim. If I cause an accident or damage as a result of negligence, the Host Family agrees to limit any claim against me to a maximum of $1000 regardless of the excess amount listed in the Host Family’s insurance policy. If the excess is less than $1000, the Host Family agrees to limit any claim against me to the excess amount listed in the policy. Negligence will be determined only if the accident/damage was witnessed and/or corroborated by an independent third party

3. I understand that failing to provide full and accurate responses to the questions asked in this application, on the medical report form, at interview and on all ancillary documents, may result in the rejection of my application or termination from the Program. I hereby warrant that the information I have given in the application form completed by me is accurate. I also declare that all qualifications gained and certificates and references provided, including photocopies are genuine.

4. I agree that I will perform my duties as an Au Pair to the best of my ability and indemnify AIFS, its staff, agents and all affiliated organisations from any damages, losses or claims resulting from my participation on the Program.

5. I agree that AIFS may take such actions as it considers necessary regarding my health and safety during my time on the Program, including securing medical treatment for me and transporting me to my home country. I release AIFS from any liability relating to the medical care received, and agree to pay for any medical or transportation expenses that are not covered by insurance.

6. I understand that if I withdraw or cancel from the Program for any reason, prior to the commence of my placement, I shall not be entitled to any refund.

7. I understand that as a participant on the Program, if for any reasons I do not complete the full tem of the Program, I shall not be entitled to any refund.

Privacy Consent

I understand that the application to the Program requires me to disclose sensitive and personal information. I understand that this application will be sent to AIFS and AIFS will then forward my application to prospective host families in an effort to obtain a placement for me in the Program.

In the unlikely event of a legal claim, lawsuit or arrest in connection with my participation in the Program, it may be necessary to provide my application to attorneys or insurers, if AIFS receives a valid court order or subpoena, to whatever entity is determined to have a legal right to obtain this information.

The AIFS Privacy Policy provides that my personal information will not be disclosed to any other parties unless I am given notice and an opportunity to object, AIFS takes reasonable precautions to protect personal information from loss, misuse and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. By completing and submitting this application, I am authorising AIFS to disseminate the information that is contained in my application in the manner and for the purposes set forth above. I understand that I may revoke this consent at any time and I can request access to my personal information by sending a written request to AIFS.