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Meet new people- ​Making memories that last a life time​

When you travel you make memories that last a life time. One of the best things about travelling is all the amazing people that you meet along the way. Australians and those travelling in Australia are super friendly and it wont be long before you’ve got friendships that will last a life time. here at AIFS Au Pair, we know how scary it can be travelling to the opposite side of the world especially when you don’t know anyone so we do a number of things to help you get out there and meet new people!

Social Coordinators

In every type of Australian placements (city rural or outback) we have AIFS Au Pairs which are social coordinators. They will regularly organise events in your area (at least once a month) and will invite all AIFS Au pairs so that you can meet like minded people who are out in Australia doing the same thing as you. you can share stories, introduce each other to your friends, give each other recommendations etc. these events could be absolutely anything such as dolphin cruises, picnics or BBQ in the park, pool parties, activity days such as trampoline parks, surfing etc! AIFS Au pair in Australia recruits in many different countries so its also an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and make friendships that last a lifetime.


As part of the programme you’ll attend a two day orientation at our AIFS head office in Sydney. This is a great opportunity to meet new Au Pairs where you could make life long friends!  All AIFS Au pairs staying in the arrivals hostel in 4-6 bed single sex dorms. If you are departing at the same time as other Au Pairs in the UK, we will introduce you via email before you depart so you can arrange to meet up and explore Sydney in your free time! In our orientation, we have lots of games and ice breakers which will encourage you to mix with all the other Au Pairs. You might find other Au pairs who are going to live in the same area as you,  have similar travel plans to you etc.

Community counsellor

AIFS Au Pair in Australia is the only organisation that offers a community counsellor! The community counsellor is there to provide support for you and your host family, acting as a mentor to you during your entire placement as an Au Pair. You can contact the community counsellor anytime you like for absolutely anything including how to meet new people!

Exclusive social media groups

We have an exclusive facebook group just for AIFS Au Pairs in Australia which you will be added to once you land in Australia. This gives you a great opportunity to talk to current and previous Au Pairs for advice, organise meet ups or just to tell everyone what an amazing time you are having. Many of our Au Pairs will use this as a platform to invite people to go travelling with them, share ideas of where to go (and sometimes places where not to go). Many Au Pairs will even post when they are visiting for a weekend and want to meet up with other Au Pairs to show them around! It’s so easy meeting people in Australia that by the time you come home your facebook friends will be in the thousands!


We often have Au Pairs in Australia take over our Instagram account. It’s a great way for you to see what its like to be an Au Pair before you depart as well as a platform to meet other Au Pairs who are already in Australia. When an Au Pair takes over one of our accounts you can contact them and ask as many questions as you like.

Explore Australia

Australia is truly an amazing country and is one of the most diverse continents on the planet! – all you need to do is come and explore it!

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Work and Travel

Sign up to our work and travel programme for all the essential support you need for your gap year in Australia.

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Australia is big and diverse with deserts, white sandy beaches, rain forests mountains and much more! As an Au Pair you’ll get plenty of time to travel during and after your placement.

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