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There has never been a better time to become an Au Pair!

From the moment you apply, until the time comes for you to return home - our team will be there for you every step of the way! We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest about, our fees so we will tell you exactly how much the program will cost, where your fees go what's included and what's not. Our program includes all the essentials that you’ll need in Australia plus a few extra's to make sure you have the best experience possible! To make the payment process easy and affordable we have split the total program fee into three instalments.

As an AIFS Au Pair you will be given the option to choose a 6 month placement or longer. The length of your placement will determine your program fee to ensure that your insurance covers the full duration of your placement.

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2021 Au Pair Programme Fees

1st Payment


2nd Payment


3rd Payment




* Program Fees are subject to change. The First Payment is non-refundable. For details regarding our Program Fees please refer to our Terms & Conditions.


If you have any questions, contact our team for help.

What Else to Consider

We like to be upfront and honest so there are no hidden surprises

We know what it’s like when hidden costs pop up so we want to be totally upfront and honest with you! There are some third party costs included in the program which are all non refundable

POLICE CHECK - This fee is paid directly to the Police Check Authority after you’ve passed your interview and is non-refundable.

AUSTRALIAN WORK AND HOLIDAY VISA (485 AUD) – this fee is set by and paid directly to the Australian Embassy and is subject to change. However, you don’t have to apply for this until after you have been placed. It’s really easy to apply for and we’ll help you with your application.

FLIGHTS TO AUSTRALIA: We work really closely with Student Universe to get you the best flight options and deals. You can select a one-way, return or flexi flight. You can expect to pay Approximately US$600 for flights depending what flight option you choose and the month you depart to Australia.

MEDICAL FORM - Everyone is required to complete an Au Pair in Australia medical form which needs to be completed by a GP. The costs will depend on your Doctor.

WHOOPING COUGH BOOSTER (approx. US$50) - The Australian Department of Health strongly advises that anyone working with children has this booster.

WORKING WITH CHILDREN’S CHECK - AIFS Au Pair in Australia is the only au pair agency certified by Australia child protection company Childwise. To maintain this certification all AIFS Au pairs are required to obtain this check when they arrive in Australia during orientation. The price can vary depending which state you are placed in ranging from $80-160 (AUD).

Why pay when you could do it for free?

The AIFS Au Pair in Australia program is the largest in Australia and has built a solid reputation one, which you can trust.

When you participate on AIFS Au Pair in Australia, you are assured that you will be fully supported throughout your placement. We are not just a website: AIFS has an Australian office for you to use, a community counsellor on hand to support you, and and an experienced Au Pair team. Our worldwide team is dedicated to creating a safe and secure intercultural experience for you. We offer AIFS Au Pair in Australia to young people from close to 20 different countries, working closely with long established and experienced international partners.

How do we compare?

You may have heard of websites or companies which offer Au Pair in Australia for free or a small fee. While it may appear attractive at first glance, commonly little or no services/ support are offered before you depart or whilst you are in Australia. Many of these website or companies also encourage families and Au Pairs to sign up at no cost sometimes with the promise to find you a host family really quickly but they don't do any checks on anyone. With few or no police checks or reference checks on your host family, you’ll be living with complete strangers and travelling half way across the world to do this - pretty scary when you think of it right?

Policies and procedures
We have the ethos of quality over quantity. AIFS Au Pair in Australia is the only Au Pair agency which has been accredited by Childwise. We have strict safeguarding and screening processes for host families and Au Pairs to ensure that all parties are safe and meet our criteria. We also have strict conditions for host families so that they have an obligation to provide you with food, accommodation, an allowance as well as a cap on the amount of hours you do. We are passionate about protecting the rights of all those involved in the program so if you have an issue, we are just a phone call away.

Our service to you

We pride ourselves on providing high quality customer service. Our experienced support team in Australia ensures that both you and your host family are fully supported throughout your placement and your stay in Australia. We also have dedicated teams in 20 different countries who will help and support your through the entire application process. From the minute you sign up, you'll be given loads of advice on how to find your perfect host family and have personalized recommendations provided to you. Our fee covers all the essentials including insurance, airport transfer, arrival orientation, 3 nights’ accommodation and breakfasts, PLUS free transfer to our Work & Travel program. To see more information check out "WHAT YOU GET".


You'll get paid a weekly allowance, a bonus, accommodation and food in exchange for childcare

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What's Included

We want to ensure you have value for your money so find out here, everything that is included in the Au Pair in Australia programme

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We don't have many requirements but its worth double checking before you apply

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Get Involved

An Au Pair is motivated, enthusiastic and loves spending time with children! If this sounds like you then we have just what you’re looking for!