An amazing way to experience Australia!

AIFS’ Work & Travel Australia programme offers all the support needed to live, work and play in Australia!  Our own Work & Travel team can give you personalised recommendations and insider knowledge about accommodation, travel and jobs so you have a head start on your Australian adventure. 

What's Included?

Here's a list of everything that is included in the Work & Travel Australia programme:

  • Airport pick up and transfer
  • 3 night's accommodation & breakfasts at Sydney's award winning hostel, Wake Up
  • A 4 hour orientation in our Sydney office - with everything you need to know about working, living and travelling in Australia
  • job help - see below for details
  • Free WIFI and PC use at AIFS
  • Free internet while travelling at Backpackers World Shops (as applicable)
  • Tax file number assistance
  • Mail forwarding & storage
  • Luggage storage (30 days free)
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • CV and cover letter advice and checks
  • Access to AIFS' Travel Desk
  • Exclusive discounts on travel packages
  • AIFS Members-only Facebook group with jobs, updates and a great spot to find travel buddies

If you want to explore Australia, then Work & Travel is a great resource to have at your fingertips. Our Work & Travel Australia team are on hand to provide comprehensive support to you throughout your entire year in Australia.

How Much Does it Cost? Just £599! 

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Type of jobs

We work exclusively with companies across Australia and offer a wide range of jobs; from working on at festivals to cherry picking in regional Australia. So no matter where you are we can help you find work

Typically the jobs we advertise are "backpacker" style jobs such as:

  • hospitality- bars, restaurants and cafe, 
  • fruit picking
  • working in hotels
  • events
  • sales
  • seasonal work
  • construction
  • retail
  • working in hostels
  • short term Au Pair placements 
  • promotional work
  • volunteering

We also have an exclusive facebook group for AIFS members and regularly post jobs that we have available across Australia.

If we don’t have the type of job you are looking for then still get in touch with us. Our staff live in Australia and have great knowledge of the jobs market. They will give you advice on where to look for your specific type of work, advise on any job related courses or qualifications which could help you find a job. 

Regional work

If you are on a working holiday 417 or a work and travel 462 Visa then you can extend your stay in Australia for up to three years! To be able to do this you need to complete a certain amount of regional work. the Australian government are very clear about what type of work counts as regional work and what areas. If you don’t know much about how to extend your visa it can be very confusing! 

Our work and travel team know the ins and outs of regional work and how to extend your visa and will be able to tell you all you need to. We also work closely with a number of farms and working hostels across Australia so can help you find this type of work which can be quite difficult depending on the season.


Our staff have travelled extensively around Australia so can give you personal and insider advice on places to go or not to go.  Our team aren’t about sales, we want to ensure that you have the most amazing experience possible and we understand that can differ from person to person. We tailor travel plans according to your budget, time you have available to travel and your interests. We know the best options and as we are one of the largest Backpacker travel agents, we can get great prices not found elsewhere. 

Because our staff have travelled Australia, we know all the tricks of the travelling and no matter what your budget we can give you tips on how to ensure you can see everything that Australia has to offer! Not only that, but we can also give advice and help you travel to near by countries such as Fiji, New Zealand, and Bali!

Social events

Our Work & Travel team hold regular events in Sydney to to meet people. You can never have too many friends, right? These events are really fun and we usually have some awesome prizes to give away- these can include free drinks, food, bungee jumping, sky diving and tour packages! Awesome right! 

Work & Travel

Cultural exchange is one of the best ways to learn about the world. Travel and experience another culture with AIFS.