Applying To Become An Au Pair In Australia

Experience the laid back, sunny lifestyle Australia offers by becoming and AIFS Au Pair in Australia. So you know what you need to do and when here is a little info about our application process

When is it best to apply?

We can get you out to Australia in as little as 6-8 weeks, most people apply 3- 6 months before they want to depart however you can also apply up to a year in advance. The sooner you apply the sooner we can help find you a perfect host family!  We have amazing Au Pair positions available throughout Australia starting every week of the year (minus Christmas), so wherever and whenever you want to work we can help you. Au Pairs from the UK are in high demand in Australia! 

You can head out to Australia any time you like giving you the best chance of finding a placement as well as giving you as much flexibility as you need😊 There are certain months of the year were Au pairs are hugely in demand. This generally ties in with the Australian school holidays. If you want to depart between January- March and June - July you are almost guaranteed a placement! Plus it’s a great time to head to Australia as its in the peak of Australia summer!  

Our programme is super flexible so if you want to change your departure date at any time you can. giving you plenty of time to complete your application and finding that perfect family for you! Our dedicated team are here to help you every step of the way, from the minute you sign up, the first step you take off the plane when you land in Australia throughout your placement, basically we are here for you right up to the time when you sadly have to return home ☹. 

The Application Process

To make the process as simple as possible we have broken it into four easy steps for you.  

Stage one

To become an Au Pair in Australia you’ll need to complete your initial application form which you can apply for through the website as well as a childcare experience form. This is so we can check that you meet our programme requirements before processing further. You’ll also need to pay your first deposit of £99 which will confirm you have officially been accepted onto the programme.

Stage Two

The second stage of the application process is all about getting your profile ready to show host families!  You’ll need to write a letter to your future host family telling them all about yourself, such as your skills, experience, hobbies, and why you want to be an Au Pair in Australia. You’ll also do a shorted version for your website profile. Host families love to see pictures of you, your friends and family so they can get an idea of who you are. For this you’ll create a mini slideshow of pictures as well as a video (although the video is optional).At this stage you’ll also need to get a medical form completed by your doctor, a police check and provide two references (Character & childcare).

Once you’ve done this your ready to organise your interview with one of our awesome, friendly Au Pair in Australia Interviewers. This could be either face to face or via Skype depending on where you live. Once you’ve passed your interview, you'll need to pay your second deposit of  £100 and then your application is ready to send to AIFS Australian office. The Au pair in Australia Sydney team will start matching your with host families and the interview requests will start flooding in!

Although this sounds like a lot, you can complete these forms really quickly.

Stage Three 

Once we send your application to AIFS Australia's head office it wont be long before your interviewing with host families! As soon as our dedicated staff in the Australia head office receive your application they will and start matching you with a carefully screened host family. Our Australian staff work really carefully with host families so they can match you with the perfect host family who have similar interests in a location that you want!  

Our team will help you organise interviews with potential host families and give you tips and advice on what to discuss with the family. We have some pretty cool Au Pair opportunities in Australia and encourage all au pairs to be flexible in terms of where they want to go focusing more on the type of family you will be with. Sometimes it only takes one interview to find your perfect host families. No matter how many interviews you have, you ultimately get to decide which host family you want to Au pair with 😊 

Stage Four (You're Placed!)

You’ve just found your perfect AIFS host family and you’re officially going to be an Au Pair in Australia!  You can’t quite believe you’re going to Australia but feel like it’s a dream come true! 

For the final part of the application process, you will need to pay your outstanding programme fee. This fee can vary depending on the length of your placement -check out the fee’s page for more information. Next step is to apply for your visa! We know visa’s can be tricky and a little scary to apply for so the Au Pair in Australia team will be on hand to help you apply for your Australian working holiday visa. They will also tell you everything about the working holiday visa and will be able to explain in detail everything you can (and can’t) do whilst on this visa! 
We work with Student Universe to get you the best flight deals and to give you the flexibility of booking, one-way, return or a flexi-flight!

Once your visa is approved we can help you book your flights! We’re partnered with student universe to get you the best flight deals possible as well as provide multiple flight options including single, return or a flexi-flight to give you maximum flexibility. You also get a free money travel card, which you can apply for now and start saving for when you arrive in Australia.

Lastly, we will set up your travel, medical and cancellation insurance and send you your policy documents. We’ll also send you a free Au pair in Australia Tshirt, help you set up your bank account, you’ll get an Au Pair handbook and quick guide to Australia as well as personal recommendations of what to do when you’re in Australia.


This looks like a lot but honestly its not! The AIFS Au pair in Australia team are here to help you every step of the way so you can complete this as quickly as possible! 

Before you apply make sure you check that you meet our programme requirements and check out the FAQ’s or get in touch If you have any questions. 

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