Making sure you have everything you need for you placement and time in Australia

Before you meet your host family and embark on your Au Pair experience, we make sure you are fully prepared through our comprehensive two-day orientation. Our face to face Orientation is designed especially to assist you in adapting to Australian culture, to prepare you for the time you spend with your host family and offer practical advice and tips on childcare

We like our orientations to be interactive so we will get you up meeting other Au Pairs doing the program and some who might even be in your area. We don’t just want to spend two days talking at you, we like to play games, talking and sharing experiences. Our orientation will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and get you feeling excited and prepared for your amazing Au Pair experience! The Orientation schedule is pretty busy and packed full of important information to benefit you as an Au Pair. You’ll also attend a pediatric first aid course so they should an emergency ever occur you have the skills to be equipped in this situation.

By the time you meet your host family, you will be well equipped to go forward into your experience with good expectations and a clear understanding of all that it entails! Spending your first few days at Orientation is a wonderful opportunity to start making friends with all the other Au Pairs from around the world who will be sharing this exciting experience with you.

Orientation outline

Here's a general outline of what you'll be doing during orientation, although it might change a little bit from time to time. 

Day One

You and all the other Au Pairs arriving on the same day, will be met at the airport by a representative. You’ll make your way to the hostel (which is voted one of the best in Sydney!) where you can drop your bags off and freshen up. The hostel is really nice (trust us we’ve stayed there) and is centrally located in Sydney so you can easily get around and explore everything that Sydney has to offer!  After sitting on a plane for almost 24 hours most people want to get out to explore Sydney and soak up the Australia sun! Our Au Pair team can give you plenty of personal recommendations on places to see and where to eat depending on your likes.

Day Two 

Because of jet lag we can guarantee that you’ll be up early so our orientation starts at 8.45 and will finish at 5pm. At Orientation you will be introduced to Au Pairs who will be living in the same area as you and over the years we’ve found that many great and lasting friendships are made at Orientation as well as during your place. During day one you’ll meet the Au Pair team, talk about what its like to be an Au Pair, what to do when you first arrive and what to expect from the experience. We’ll also discuss, working with children, common host family rules and expectations, what its like driving in Australia (its on the left so nice and easy!), and child protection

We’ll also pop to the bank to get your account all set up as well as get your Sim card sorted so you can start contacting friends and family. After lunch we talk a little bit more about how to meet other au pairs, the social events and opportunities we offer, what happens after your placement, travelling around Australia (our favorite part!) and explain fully the services and support we offer you.
Once you finish at 5, you can go and continue exploring Sydney with all your new friends that you met at orientation!

Day Three

Throughout the morning you’ll gain your Australia Pediatric First Aid qualification! You’ll receive a certificate in the post a couple weeks after which you can add to you CV or portfolio!
With all that information its time to break for lunch and then complete your working with children check. Lastly, we’ll share our experiences, and answer any last questions you might have. We finish nice and early so you can finish exploring all the amazing things Sydney has to offer!

Day Four

On day four you will travel to your host family! You don’t have to organise anything as your host family cover the cost of traveling to their home no matter where they are in Australia. If your family lives in or around Sydney, then they will more than likely pick you up from the hostel to a central location. Alternatively, if your host family lives in a different part of Australian, then you will be provided with your airline, train or bus ticket at orientation. Our Sydney team will tell you the best way to get back to the airport, which platform you might need to be on or where the bus stops are.


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