Support before you depart

Our team are there for you from the moment you sign up and for every step of the way. Being an Au Pair in Australia can be an exciting but daunting experience, whether it’s the first time you have traveled or for the experienced traveler. That’s why AIFS Au Pair in Australia prides itself on providing high quality customer service and being a company that you can trust and rely on. We enjoy going above and beyond in terms of customer care and support. We want you to have the best Au Pair experience possible in Australia and before you depart, knowing that you will always have someone to be there for you.

We like to take all the stress away from you so from the minute you sign up one of our friendly team members will be in touch to get you started on your application. They will be on hand to chat and help you with any questions you might have, tell you extensively all about Australia, what you can expect and all you need to know.

Matching process

We do all the searching for you, so you don’t have it – nice and stress free! Our team will help you find your perfect host family by discussing with you what exactly it is your looking for. By being in regular contact with you we get a good understanding of your personality and what you’re looking for in a host family and can find you the perfect match. We’ll give you advice when interviewing with host families, to ensure you get all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself in choosing your perfect host family. We will generally recommend that you interview with a couple of families before you make your final decision on which family to pick just to make sure that you 100% happy with your chose host family. Once you have chosen your host family, we will finalize with them, your start and end dates, how many hours a week you will be working, provide a general timetable of your hours, and outline your weekly page and bonus. We understand that having conversation about money, employment dates etc can be a little tricky and for some even comfortable. We’ve been doing it for so long now that its second nature to us and are happy to take all the stress and hassle of your hands. This way we can deal with all the nitty gritty stuff and you can sink back and relax. Please be aware that All parties will agree the details before a placement is officially finalized.

Once your placed

Once your placed, there’s lots to organized – another thing we like to help with! The team will help you apply for your working holiday visa! Our team will tell you exactly what you need to do, explain how it works and how it doesn’t, how to complete your regional work if you want to get your second year working holiday visa! Not only that but we are partners with student universe and can get you some great deals- so the team can also help you book your flights. We’ll organize your your airport transfer so you can walk straight off the plane and know where you are going. Our team will also give you advice on what to pack and importantly what not to and give you some recommendations for when you arrive in Sydney

Support in Australia

Whilst you’re in Australia our Team will check in with you at regular intervals just for a quick chat and to see how you’re getting on. Our team will contact you in multiple way from emails, call and even text messages. You can expect this to happen a few times in the first few weeks, and monthly for your entire stay in Australia however you can also contact the team whenever you need us!

Community Counselor

AIFS Au Pair in Australia is the only organisation that offers a community counselor to their Au Pairs! The community counselor is there to provide support for you and your host family, acting as a mentor to you during your entire placement as an Au Pair. You can contact the community counselor anytime you like for absolutely anything. Typically, the community counselor helps with:

  • giving ideas for games an activity to do with the children
  • give advice and support with your placement
  • help you meet other people in your area
  • speak with your host family
  • any conflict and conflict resolution (should it occur)
  • tips on what to do on your days off

24 Hour Emergency Service

It can be quite scary travelling to the opposite side of the world by yourself especially when you don’t know anyone. We know that generally when something happens that your family are the first ones you call however it can be a little tricky, when they are in a different hemisphere, in the complete opposite time zone and at least a 20-hour flight away! This is why AIFS Au pair in Australia will provide you with 24-hour emergency support throughout your entire stay in Australia. If there’s ever a time where you’re not sure what to do or need help, then our team are available 24/7 to help you with any emergency that might arise!

After your placement

Our support doesn’t just end with your placements! Towards the end of your placement well get in touch with you about getting transferred to our Work & Travel program. We’ll explain how this program works, what’s included and how we can help you plan your travels, find you work and even help you find accommodation

Our staff

Our staff are experienced and have traveled extensively across the world in countless destinations. Most of our staff have been on at least one AIFS cultural exchange program which allows us to give you the highest quality customer service as we know exactly what it feels like when you travel either solo or in a group. AIFS Staff provides as much support as possible to everyone on our program from the moment you join the program until when you come home after your awesome Au Pair and travel experience.
Because our staff are so experienced it allows them to tailor their support and advice to each individual person. They will give you, personal recommendations depending on your preferences and will always be upfront and honest with you.