Get ready to plan a travel adventure like no other

Australia has some of the most diverse landscape in the world! It has tropical rain forests, desserts, ski slopes, the great barrier reef, buzzing cities, stunning national parks, beautiful beaches and 8,222 islands.

One of the best things about doing AIFS Au Pair in Australia is that you get to travel and explore Australia! Australia has many untouched natural locations and landscapes like you’ve never seen before and some of the best beaches in the world. As an Au pair you’ll have plenty of time to travel, whether it's during your weekends off or after your placement! To make it easier, AIFS has its own dedicated travel desk, AIFS Travel who can help you plan your trip and give you some of the best advice as they have also travelled most of Australia.

Australia is the type of place you don’t know how amazing it is until you get there and experience it for yourself. So whatever you imagine when you think of Australia, becoming an Au Pair means being able to see that dream come alive. Apply today!

Explore Australia

Australia is one big adventure and one of the best destinations in the world to visit.

During your placement, you’ll have loads of time to travel. Whether it’s to your nearest city, or even to a different country, the possibilities are endless. Many Au pairs travel to new cities and contact other Au pairs who then show them around – pretty cool way to travel right?

Don’t forget that after your placement you have the option to be transferred to our Work & Travel programme and no additional cost. Our dedicated team can help you find accommodation, jobs and support you no matter where you are in Australia.

Your adventure

There are many ways to explore Australia from hop-on hop-off buses, organised tours or taking that ultimate road trip! For those who like extreme activities, Australia has you covered; white water rafting, bunjee jumping, or skydiving are just a few of the options. Whatever you prefer, and which way you want to travel, we can advise you of the best parts of Australia to visit and help plan your adventure.

Got the travel bug?

You can spend up to a year working and travelling around Australia but sometimes you get the travel bug. One year just isn’t enough time to see all the amazing wonders of the world so you have to keep your adventure going! Australia has fantastic nearby countries such as New Zealand, Fiji, Bali which are super cheap to get to and amazing to visit! So if you want to continue your travels after your time in Australia speak to our AIFS Work & Travel team who can help make this a reality.

Create a lifetime of memories

However you choose to do it, the travel aspect of your programme is where you step out of your comfort zone, try new things and make your dreams become reality! Most Au pairs travel after their placement, whether it’s by themselves or with the new friends they have made.

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